Beachbody is poised to take the world by storm this year. Helping fight obesity one
person at a time. Now is the time to get your Business set up to take advantage of the
multitudes of coaches signing up.


Country Heat - Our newest workout which even I can do.
All dancing no ups and downs go at your owon pace and
as always there's a modifier
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Beachbody Club-Beachbody On Demand
Joining our Beachbody Club not only gives youa 10% discount on any purchases,
it also gives you access to our exercise programs that you can receive on
any device. You can now do your workouts while traveling, at a friends, wherever you are!
No need for a TV or desktop computer. There are many more benefits to our club.
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Active duty military and/or spouses can now get 25% off EVERYTHING from Beachbody when they become Team Beachbody coaches with no enrollment fee AND no monthly fee. Also, since many members of the military use P90X and other programs, they can supplement income by referring others to an effective workout program. I would LOVE your referrals to men and women serving our country who could use extra income.


Downright Fit is dedicated to helping people get fit and healthy. Not just to lose weight, as you can be thin and not fit. You can be overweight and fit.

I want people to be healthy so that in old age we aren't spending our lives at the doctors office or in the hospital multiple times.

To reach this goal, I will be telling you about BeachBody products that can help you reach this goal and healthful notes, tips and articles.

We encourage you to do your own research to verify anything that you read here.


I am pleased to be a Coach with Team Beachbody. We are the home of

P90X, Insanity, TurboFire

and the healthiest meal of the day


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